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So you have done the course and now you are a licensed radio amateur. Unfortunately you will almost instantly find that when it comes becoming "active" there will be many gaps in your knowledge. Amateur radio is a massively diverse activity and no course can cover anything like the full spectrum of activities being undertaken by today's radio amateurs. We hope that this guide will be of assistance. It will cover many areas, from choosing and laying out a shack, to many of the more esoteric forms of communication. We hope it will be of value to you.

This is the most "in progress" section of the site. As we seek to continuously add new information and articles. Any links not present are probably because the relevant article is being written but is not yet finished. Broken links should still be reported however, since these will be genuine errors.


Authors needed

We would be grateful for any contributions in this area and ideas for articles. Please use the "Project Co-ordinator" link below to contact the group.


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