The contacts for this site & CD ROM

You may contact any of the above - with suggestions for improvements; to offer us some extra support; to simply express your approval, or about any other matter in relation to the CD ROM course and the web site generally.

The Credits

Credit is due to the following for the effort they have put into this work. The names appear in no particular order:-   

Harry (M1BYT), the initial idea for the project, and persistence in seeing it this far.
Chris (G8PUT), for the initial layout of the site and project.
Alan (G0FUM), For the 'What is Amateur Radio' section, and many of the photographs included.
Alec (M1BNK), For his efforts in revising the site, drawing, HTML and photographic contributions and the current foundation section.
Brian (G3OYU), For is efforts in producing the formulae and the many corrections to bring the work up to date.
Gerald (G3SDY), For his constructive criticism during the project, and other effort.
George Shaw (MI3GTO) for his help with the finer points of web design
Ian Pollard (M1FLC), page updates, proof reading, sourcing of outside material, liaison with other organisations
Paul Dann, HTML coding and structure advice, sound recording, graphics and validation

We should also like to thank the following individuals and organisations, without which this project would not have been possible:-
The RSGB for their assistance, encouragement and permission to use material from the George Benbow RAE course book; Murray Ward (G3KZB), for his permission to include/modify his "QRAE" software; Michael Titley of MicaSOFT for his permission to include sections and animations from his Electronics Tutor Course; John Owen (G4VWL) for his many calculators; The City and Guilds London Institute for their kind permission to include the RAE syllabus; The Java Hermit for some applets used within this site; John Bowyer G4KGS for his 'Towards The RAE' (ttrae). The Radiocommunications Agency,

The following kindly donated some of the many photographs used to help illustrate the course:-
Alan G0FUM, Alec M1BNK, Albert G0MJV, Cliff Boarder, Ian M1DYB, John Bowyer G4KGS,

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