The Foundation Licence Course

This course is intended for the free use of those students and their tutors involved with the amateur radio Foundation Licence Course (FLC). This course was created by the entirely voluntary effort of a number of radio amateurs all keen, to see those interested provided with an easy way to enter and progress within the hobby. A current and updated version of this course is always available at the ARC web site.

The entire contents of this site and CD remain  2001-2003 Amateur Radio Courses. Sections of the content may also be the copyright of other authors. Any person intending to copy the CD should ensure that they read fully the copyright notice.

Whilst considerable care has been taken in maintaining accuracy of this course, ARC cannot be held responsible for any errors which may have crept into it. The bottom of each page contains a 'forward', 'back' and  'Index' button. The course is laid out in a linear fashion, so the forward button if repeatedly pressed will lead you page by page through the entire course. In addition many links are provided to internet resources of potential interest to the student. Since many of these documents will be in PDF format, it is recommended that a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat be installed.

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The course is split into several chapters, each covering a separate subject. The section numbering mirrors that of the Foundation Licence syllabus published by the Radiocommunications Agency. The main chapters are followed by an appendix section, which contains much additional information. The bottom of each page also carries a page reference number. A paper note can be kept of this, so that you can quickly return to it after a break from your studies.

Your studies should be accompanied by a copy of BR68(F), which can be obtained from the RA by post or a copy can be downloaded from their site

Visit the Radiocommunication Agency Website Visit the RA website web link Download Syllabus
web link Download BR68(F)

Radiocommunications Agency, Wyndham House, 189 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SX

Tel:020 7211 0211

The entire ARC team wish you every success with the Foundation Licence. We especially hope that if successful in the Foundation Licence, that you will consider progressing up the ladder to the Intermediate Licence and eventually the RAE course to achieve a Full Licence.

The course has been tested with a large variety of operating system / hardware / browser combinations to the best of our ability, however it is entirely possible that you may encounter some kind of problem along the way. Should this be the case, it is likely someone else has or will suffer it too, so please contact us so we can rectify it before the next update.


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