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Slide show    A photographic slide show of amateur radio activities (opens new window - requires Java)

Becoming a Radio Amateur   Becoming a Radio Amateur

Basic theory   Basic radio theory, circuits and calculations

Solid state   Solid-state devices and valves

Transmitters   Transmitters

Receivers   Receivers

Power supplies   Power Supplies

Antennas   Propagation and antennas

Interference   Transmitter interference

EMC   Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Measurement   Measurements

Operating procedures   Operating practises and procedures, repeaters and satellites

Safety   Safety precautions in the amateur station

Exam hints   Tackling the RAE

Appendices   The four appendices

QRAE Exam program   The QRAE simulated C&G exam

Hamcalc programs   John G4VWL's HamCalc

Morse tutor program   John G4VWL's Morse Machine (a morse code teaching program)



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