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Before down-loading any files, ensure that your ".zip" archive handling software is up to date. A download manager may be useful for those using a dial-up connection.

When you have done the download, please return to this site and sign our guest book. We really appreciate the comments from users, and these will help decide the future direction of the project.

The full CD file is now downloaded from Simtel. This company's servers are very reliable and mirrored by many other sites worldwide. The link below will redirect you to their site, where you should pick the mirror closest to you.

Java and JavaScript

JavaScript makes life much easier when writing pages. The courses run fine without it, but some features may not be accessible. We advise that you download a Java Virtual Machine before beginning. Unlike Java, the much simpler JavaScript, and its Microsoft cousin JScript, pose no security threat to your PC.

Due to legal issues, Microsoft may not currently offer a Java VM download in all cases, and one is not currently bundled with Windows XP. We recommend the Sun Java VM which can be found by clicking the link below.

java download

Some Windows PC's may find a  Microsoft Virtual Machine here (about 4Mb)


Version 2.10 27/12/2003 Version History and Known Issues

Single file (24Mb)    Installation Instructions

Multipart download (3Mb chunks)   Installation Instructions



Version 2.00 12/04/2003