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Important notice - For a great number of years, the IMW and now the IAW have scrounged web hosting where ever it could find it at no cost. This has resulted in a service which has become less and less reliable - it has also generated lots of unnecessary work  for me and now the team, frantically trying to maintain it. Our most recent outage (off line for +10 days) has prompted us to look at alternatives - one of which is to at least organise a domain name, so if one site has an outage we can instantly divert your enquiries to an alternative server. We would also like to apologise for the difficulties, I know some have had getting to the site, but hopefully our new site will see an end to these issues.

I am glad to say we have been donated long term server hosting, on a reliable commercial server and also donated a domain name of our choice -


We should like to thank Chris G8PUT for giving us server space for a number of years.


International Museums Weekends 2014
An Amateur Radio Special Event
Taking Place on the Weekends of
14th -15th June and 21st-22nd June


International Air Ambulance Week 2014
An Amateur Radio 9 Day Event
Taking Place on the week commencing 27th September